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Monday, July 10th, 2017

Do Backlinks Still Help Your Website?

backlinksLinks were once one of the most important ways that people would navigate around the web, and unless your website was linked to another website, it could be very difficult to deliver visitors to a website. Since those early days search engines have largely replaced the long lists of links that were found online, but links appear on websites on a regular basis, and are still important when it comes to navigating online. However, backlinks have also been important in the algorithms used by search engines to determine search engine rankings, but are they still useful to developing your website’s online presence?

What Are Backlinks?

The simple answer to this is that a backlink is a section or work on one website that will divert the user from the website they are looking at to your website. Historically these played a vital role in determining the search engine rankings of websites, and there were websites or groups of sites that would be dedicated to providing links to websites to help with this ranking. However, as search engines and their programs have become more advanced, simply having a large number of links has become less important, and there is greater emphasis on quality links as opposed to just the volume.

Developing A Network Of Backlinks

With the search engine algorithms constantly changing, one thing which has become more important is the role of backlinks that come from successful or authoritative sites on a particular subjects. This means that work such as exchanging links with other successful sites and obtaining referrals from larger websites with an established audience will have more significance than backlinks from much smaller websites.

The Main Roles Of Backlinks In Marketing Strategy

While historically having lots of backlinks would have benefited a website, these days the quality of the backlinks is much more important than the number of links that are feeding in to your website. Having links into your site from other websites can help to bring traffic to your site, but the main role of these links is to boost the search engine rankings of your website. There are many different ways in which you can achieve this, some of which may require advertising while others will simply involve work in liaising with other websites that may be willing to publish content with links to your site.

The Continuing Role Of Backlinks

Google is the largest search engine and has been for many years, and in 2014 one of their leading programmers Matt Cutts said that backlinks are reducing in importance when it comes to search engine rankings. However, he did say that backlinks would still have a role to play in their algorithms for years to come. This means that links will still be useful and will help your website for years to come, but that it is becoming more important to include these links in quality content on respected websites, as these links will have more longevity as search engines continue to tune their algorithms.

If you want to know more about Backlinks and their role in SEO, RC Website Group offers a free consultation that will help you understand what your next steps should be.

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The Physical Web | Interact With The Objects Around You

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

An Introduction To The Physical Web

The Physical WebThis is one of the most interesting and innovative areas in marketing at the moment, and for the layman, the Physical Web is a technology that allows inanimate objects to have simple interactions with people who have their devices set up to do so. The Physical Web is designed to work without users having to install an application on their smart phone to be able to interact, and uses the existing technology built in to most modern cell phones. The variety of ways in which this approach can be used is significant, and almost anything that you can do with a website can be set up to work with mobile devices when they interact with the Physical Web items.

How The Physical Web Alters Interactions With Adverts And Objects

In order to be able to use the Physical Web and its advantages, people will need to be able to pick up the signals that are transmitted from the small beacons that are at the core of this particular technology. What this beacon will then do is to send the mobile device a web address to visit, and once they have gone to that site, your business can decide what kind of interactive experience to offer your customers.

The Practical Aspects Of How The Technology Works

There are a range of different ways in which this technology can be exploited, and in most cases unless you have a particularly large location you won’t need too many of the beacons to be successful. When using them in a retail location, building a beacon into the shelf in front of products is one way to use it, as having a beacon for each item will usually be excessive. When you then create the website that the beacon sends visitors too, it is important that it is compatible with mobile browsers, and gives a good customer experience.

The Advantages Of Exploiting This Marketing Approach

Probably the main reason that this area of marketing is growing quickly is that with the modern technology, the best examples of physical web marketing are simple and effective for the user. This will help to encourage people to actually activate their cell phones, and as it is a growing technology, more people will be learning more about how it works. The other reason that companies find this type of approach compelling is that it allows people to act upon a prompt, and helps to make the decision to buy a product or to visit a particular venue easy.

How Can You Implement Physical Web Marketing?

In order to use this technology successfully, it is very important that it is executed well, and one of the clever examples of how this has been used is in parking meters, where the beacon takes people to the payment site for a digital payment of their parking fee. Entertainment venues have also seen examples of the physical web being implemented well, with a beacon on a poster for a movie or show linking into the site where they can book tickets and check when a movie is showing. Other ways in which the technology can be used include carrying out digital polls of people in a small area, or even to help people who are waiting for a table at a particular restaurant join a digital queue, so being creative is vital in executing this approach to marketing.

If you want to know more about The Physical Web, RC Website Group offers a free consultation that will help you understand what your next steps should be.

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wordpress plugin

Plugins For WordPress | WYSIWYG Editor

Friday, May 26th, 2017

The Best WYSIWYG Editor Plugins For WordPress | WordPress Plugins

wordpress pluginsWordPress is one of the most successful web creation tools in the world, and there are millions of websites and blogs that have been created using its range of templates and fairly user-friendly interface. However, it is certainly not without its problems, with many people criticizing the Visual Editor and the Text Editor for not being truly what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) or a true HTML editor. This is where the WYSIWYG plugins and other WordPress plugins that can adapt the WordPress website design play a role into your website, and there are plenty of options to help you have the best website design experience.

Motopress Content Editor

Out of all the WordPress Plugins, Motopress is one of the most popular front-end editors that allows you to edit websites in WordPress without using the native software, and it certainly comes with plenty of positive reviews. The software is compatible with the themes that are present in WordPress, and creates websites that are ready to be accessed by mobile devices as well as traditional PC and Mac users. This is a genuine WYSIWYG editor, and also can add functionality with Google Maps, charts, video and audio content, while also still being compatible with the WordPress widgets too. Motopress comes in the standard free version and with upgrade options to provide additional features and support.


This program is a free open source plugin for WordPress that has many people who create websites raving about how easy it is to use and how quick and intuitive it is to pick up and start creating sites. There are active forums where people can collaborate to deal with any issues, while there are a range of themes and plugins for LiveComposer which add to the WordPress experience, both free and paid for options. Great compatibility with other software and plugins, and with a wealth of styling and design options, this is certainly one of the options worth considering to make your WordPress experience better.

Visual Composer

One of the most common and popular plugins for WordPress, Visual Composer has a wealth of different themes that you can use alongside the standard ones available through WordPress. This is a paid plugin for the site, although you can also receive the software along with a package of themes for the site. There are a good range of widgets and an impressive level of customization and adaptability in the design features of the site, making this an option worth considering, particularly if you are going to be working on several websites and can justify the purchase price.


A free plugin which was one of the most popular WYSIWYG options for several years, the team behind CKEditor have now ceased support for the plugin to focus on their own web development software. Nonetheless, there are plenty of people still using this editor, which has an intuitive and easy to understand way of designing websites. Time will tell if this continues to be a viable option, or it will lose out as its compatibility with other widgets starts to drop, but for now this is a great plugin to make the WordPress website design experience better.

If you want to know more about WYSIWYG plugins or other WordPress plugins, RC Website Group offers a free consultation that will help you understand what your next steps should be.

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Reputation Marketing

Online Reputation Marketing | Greater Philadelphia Region

Sunday, April 16th, 2017

The Importance Of Online Reputation Marketing For Your Business

wordpress developerOnline Reputation Marketing or developing a good reputation is something that can have a wealth of benefits for a business, and the more that other people talk up how good your company’s products, services or venues are, then the less marketing you will have to do. Historically, advertising would have been the best way to get people to buy products or services, and the main way that people knew what to enjoy and what to avoid was through trying different things. Today, the world of business is very different, and trying to encourage and manage a good online reputation can make a huge difference in how successful a company will be.

The Growth Of Review Websites

One of the biggest reasons that online reputation marketing has become so important to companies over recent years is that there has been a boom in review websites, and while TripAdvisor is the leader in the travel market, there are sites that allow users to review almost any product or service available. As these sites proliferate and have more reviews posted, more users will use them as the greater number of reviews gives a more rounded picture of what a venue, service or product is like. There is a certain thrill for reviewers too, with such sites offering levels of how reliable reviewers are, and badges for different numbers of reviews or types of products they look at.

Why Do Companies Receive Poor Reviews?

The truth is that almost every company will have a greater proportion of poor reviews on such websites than the proportion of their customers who are actually dissatisfied. The reason for this is that people are much more likely to complain about something that is poor than they are to talk about something that they really like or enjoy. The key to being aware of what to do when you receive poor reviews can actually benefit the business, and can either be an opportunity to show real customer service for genuinely disappointed reviews, or to get kudos for a witty response when a poor review is unreasonable.

Benefits Of Positive Online Reputation Marketing

Trying to drive a positive online reputation is something that can have a real difference for the success of your business, as more people rely on online reviews to see if a product or service is worth using. Finding your business at a top of such reviews can also allow you a little more freedom in terms of not having to charge rock bottom prices to get the business, which can also do wonders for the bottom line.

Engaging Customers To Share Their Positive Experiences

This is probably the most difficult part of the drive for a positive reputation, but there are some ways to encourage this. The first method is simply to encourage reviews, and include fliers or posters bringing review websites to the attention of your customers. Having management or individuals within the business who regularly respond to reviews can also be a smart move, as seeing the interaction on these sites will also encourage people to leave their review on these sites.

This article was written to start a conversation with business owners or employees committed to a good reputation as part of their company branding. If you want to continue the conversation, RC Website Group offers free consultations that will help you understand what your next steps should be.

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The Facebook Pixel & How To Use it | Tracking Pixel

Sunday, March 26th, 2017

The Facebook Pixel And How To Use It

facebook pixelAs a marketing tool, there is no doubt that Facebook has one of the biggest and most accessible audiences anywhere in the world, where the platform is able to deliver your advertising to targeted groups of people. Because of the information that the social media platform has about the audience, its advertising opportunities are excellent, but historically there has been some controversy about bots and programs that were affecting the clicks and views achieved through the platform. What the Facebook Pixel aims to do is to deliver an effective tracking pixel that provides reliable data to advertisers, and allows them to more effectively target their audiences.


Facebook Pixel Basics

Taking its inspiration from the tracking pixels that have become an important part of monitoring the success of advertising campaigns, the Facebook Pixel expands on this idea, and uses the information of users of your website, to target adverts on Facebook itself more effectively. The Pixel is actually installed in the code of your websites, and can then use the data of visitors to identify a wealth of facts about the people using your site. This can even be used to identify the types of people most likely to click through on to certain sites, or even used to target those most likely to purchase, so is a very valuable tool.

Targeting Your Audience

A key feature of the Facebook Pixel is the information that it can give you about the people who are visiting your website, and this ranges from the products and services that they view through to whether or not they have made purchases. It also tracks their personal profile, so that you can then use this information to create Facebook advertising campaigns that specify a particular audience for your advertising. This gives you a much more targeted approach, and is equivalent to picking out your audience with a sniper rifle, rather than using the shotgun approach which advertises to everybody and hopes that someone might be interested.

Successful Facebook Advertising

There is definitely a value in working with the Facebook interface and starting with smaller campaigns rather than jumping right in, as this will allow you to understand the interface and find out what is most successful before running larger campaigns. It is also worth noting that each pixel will have a limited number of actions that it can track, so make sure you are using it to track the most important user actions that you want to monitor.

Facebook Pixel Reliability

One of the important things to remember with the Facebook Pixel is that it does have to work with the information provided to it by the users, so you will not find that every visitor will always be exactly who you were hoping to target. However, on the whole the Facebook Pixel certainly allows you to be much more efficient in who you are advertising to, and in most cases will lead to a much higher success rate from your advertising campaigns.

If you want to continue a discussion on the Facebook Tracking Pixel, RC Website Group offers free consultations that will help you understand how we can help you use the Facebook Pixel on your next social media campaign.

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WordPress Developer | 3 Tips To Hire a WordPress Developer

Friday, February 10th, 2017

3 Tips To Hire a WordPress Developer

wordpress developerBefore you hire a WordPress developer , consider how WordPress is a fast grow technology and spanning all over the world.  With this, any business that has any online potential could benefit from a WordPress developer. Do you own or work for a company that stands to gain from a WordPress website?  As you think about that questions, here is some help on how to consider a WordPress developer.

Previous experience
Before you pick a WordPress developer, the first thing is to look at is their prior experience. The best thing is for the web developer to have a portfolio available so you can review their work even before talking to them. But experience matters, nothing is always exactly the same with any WordPress website and the difference between getting the job done correctly vs. wasted time, effort and cost comes down to a few key factors and experience ranks at the top.

Familiar with different technologies
A web developer should be familiar with most of the technologies on the web. Even if your WordPress develop is an expert at WordPress, expertise in just one tool is less than ideal. A WordPress developer should also be experienced in languages like PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML/CSS, html5, MySql. He/she should also be familiar with frameworks like Drupal, Laravel, Cordova and Bootstrap.

Creative mind
What is the first thing that the customers look on the site? Obviously, it’s design! If the design doesn’t impact your target audience then your website is worthless. A great web design comes when a creative does the appropriate amount of research required in finding what design connects to you and your audience. All that remains this is for the WordPress developer to implement those ideas into reality.
This article was written to start a conversation with business owners or employees looking for a change in direction with regards to their website, marketing and/or branding. If you want to continue the conversation, RC Website Group offers free consultations that will help you understand what your next steps should be.

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Magento Website | eCommerce Help | CMS Development

Friday, January 13th, 2017

Magento 1.x | New Extensions launched to speed up Merchant and Magento Website Developer Growths

magento websiteMagento Inc, the globally leading company in innovating e-commerce, recently pushed updates to its next-gen app marketplace extending the most trusted products and services of Magento ecosystem to all Magento website merchants.  Magento Marketplace by Magento Inc offers the easiest discovery of curated, high-quality technologies along with today’s addition of extensions for the Magento 1.x platform.

These improvements, apart from aiding a Magento app development company like RC Website Group, will also let our Magento website extension developers access a larger customer base and customize the experiences to modern businesses.

“Magento Marketplace embodies the passion and creativity of our global ecosystem of industry innovators who work tirelessly to continually enhance our platform in a way that none of our competitors can match,” said Bhavin Rawal, Head of Magento Marketplace and Technology Partnerships at Magento Commerce. “With today’s Marketplace updates, it’s now simpler than ever for merchants to continuously innovate and create custom solutions tailored to the precise needs of their business.”

In April this year, Magento Marketplace was launched with new vetting process to make sure merchants buying best quality extensions for their e-commerce platform. Indeed, this debut also aids firm providing e-commerce based solutions. Now a Magento app development company is able to provide its clients with desired customizations and features by using more than 750 extensions which have passed a rigorous technical test.

The latest updates add following key capabilities to Magneto platform:

  • Extensions for All Magento website Merchants: high quality products and services power merchant growth and novelty across all Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x users.
  • Curated Buying Experience: the new vetting process, based on recommendations, reviews and rating system let a Magneto app development company rapidly find best-in-class extension for their clients’ e-commerce projects and provide desired solutions.
  • Developer, Technology Partner and Solution Provider Benefits: developers building extensions now have a cost-effective opportunity to provide value to expand their client-base. Also, the works of developers are protected and promoted for better conversions.
  • Comprehensive Destination for Commerce Applications:The marketplace offer product from leading partners like Dotmailer, Fastly, Celebros and TaxJar across several categories including marketing automation, content delivery, site search, taxes and more.

“As the next-generation commerce hub, Magento Marketplace has quickly become the essential catalyst for company growth in an incredibly competitive market. Magento is enabling technology providers like TaxJar to more quickly and openly share their innovations, while equipping merchants to breed customer loyalty with speed and ease,” said Ryan Thomason, Head of Sales, Marketing and Business Development at TaxJar, prominent extension developer and Magento Premier Technology Partner. “Magento Marketplace advances our mission to help merchants eliminate the headache of sales taxesFree Web Content, giving them the freedom to focus less on compliance and more on creating personalized shopping experiences that exceed consumer expectations.”

If you think Magento could help your business, consult one of our RC Website Group’s Web Developers. We would be happy to help you decide what is best for you.

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Holiday Shopping Opportunities | Small Business Marketing Tips

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

How small businesses can capitalize on the holiday shopping season | Small Business Marketing Tips

small-business-marketing-tips RC Website group offers small business marketing tips for entrepreneurs and small businesses owners because we know the holiday season offers an incredible opportunity to boost sales and increase your bottom line. Just like how the early bird gets the worm, starting holiday promotions early will position your business for optimum growth.  Polishing your online identity, optimizing marketing opportunities and engaging in positive customer relations are key strategies for boosting profits. It may be the season of red and green, but businesses that take advantage of these expert small business marketing tips will be better positioned to see a lot of numbers in the black.

Email marketing tips
The most essential step in creating effective holiday marketing emails is to start early. In fact, 2015 email data from GoDaddy shows that it’s best for companies to get a head start on their email marketing campaigns as early as November. The days with the highest open rates before Christmas were during the first week of November, specifically Nov. 2. Even if those dates have passed, starting ASAP can help boost traffic and sales.

“Black Friday and Cyber Monday might seem like the perfect days to send promotional emails, but small businesses should proceed with caution,” says Eric Gilbert, director of  GoDaddy Email Marketing. “With higher sending volume comes lower email open rates. Our advice to our customers is twofold. First, get a head start on your holiday campaigns by sending before the peak shopping days arrive. And second, be sure to write crisp, compelling subject lines to help stand out in the inbox.”

In creating an effective email, consider providing valuable information and useful tips rather than straightforward sales copy.

Shab Sadeghi, founder of Shabbella, a lifestyle brand for women, uses GoDaddy Email Marketing to stay in touch with her customers throughout the holiday season. “I like to share style tips on how my customers can wear Shabbella products multiple ways throughout the season,” says Sadeghi. “In the past, I’ve provided beautiful gift boxes with orders during the holidays. I love to give back to my customers, plus everyone loves gifts!”

Another way to increase email marketing efforts is to send personalized emails. Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14 percent and conversion rates by 10 percent, according to Aberdeen Group.

Social media tips
Keeping active on popular social media platforms helps brands engage with their customers and influence purchasing decisions. What’s more, 51 percent of people will use social media to get gift ideas, according to a statistica survey.

In addition to staying active, give your social efforts a holiday makeover with a few new strategies. For example, music is a huge part of how people interact during the holidays. Share popular holiday songs and encourage your audience to do the same.

Next, go for the emotional response.  Heartwarming stories of generosity, charity and creativity abound during this time of year and tend to get a lot of play on social media.

In addition, focus on the entertainment value over the sale. The holidays, while joyful, are often filled with stress. Giving your users a break from the madness with a funny holiday-themed image or video will help them associate your brand with more than just your product.

Finally, make social interactive. Respond in a timely manner to user questions and comments. It will help build your brand reputation and leave a positive impression on your audience.

Storefront and website tips
Whether customers are visiting in person or virtually via a website, you want to give them an easy-to-navigate
experience and plenty of purchasing options that meet their holiday shopping needs.

First, categorize items as gifts on your website. For example, “gifts for your husband” or “gifts for kids.” Reflect this messaging in product copy and consider writing blogs that support gift ideas for specific audiences. Additionally, promote the upsell by offering packages of products and/or services in bundles.

Second, hire a web developer and graphic designer to spruce up your website to reflect the essence of the holidays. Alternatively, use a DIY website builder that’s affordable and easy to use like GoDaddy. For physical stores, tasteful holiday decor can enhance the ambiance and get shoppers in a festive state of mind.

Finally, for brick-and-mortar purchases, consider offering complimentary gift wrapping. For online
purchases, provide free shipping when a certain amount is purchased.

With each day there’s another opportunity to upgrade your holiday marketing strategies, but you must start now. With these tips, you’ll have an edge on the competition.  To learn other ways how RC Website Group can help your small business, visit RC Website Group for more Small Business Marketing Tips

If you think our small business marketing tips or any of our other ideas could help your business, consult one of our RC Website Group’s Marketing specialist. We would be happy to help you decide what is best for you.

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Facebook Security

For any Facebook Campaign | 3 Tips on Facebook Security

Friday, November 18th, 2016

3 simple ways to improve your Facebook security

Facebook SecurityYour Facebook profile is a representation of you on the Web. It’s where you connect with friends, learn the latest news and find the best reviews of the restaurants and products you enjoy every day. You use your Facebook profile all the time, so you want to make sure the information you display on Facebook remains as safe and secure as possible.  With this, you need to consider how important Facebook Security is to you and your business.

Facebook works 24/7 to protect people’s accounts, but there are also simple things you can do to take more control of your Facebook security. Here are three easy options:

1. Take a security checkup.

Security Checkup is the quickest and easiest way to add extra layers of protection to your Facebook account. With three simple steps you can:

* Control where you’re logged in. This makes it easy to log out of devices you haven’t used in a while or may have forgotten about, meaning you’ll only be logged into Facebook on devices and browsers you approve.

* Turn on Login Alerts. When this feature is activated, you’ll receive a notification or email alert whenever someone tries to log into your account from a new device or browser.

* Review your password security. Only use strong and unique passwords. You should never use your Facebook password anywhere else online and never share it with anyone.

You can start your Security Checkup any time by searching for “security checkup” in the Facebook Help Center, or by typing into your browser.

2. Turn on login approvals.

If you’re only going to make one change to improve the security of your account, this is it. Otherwise known as two-factor authentication (2FA), login approvals provide an extra security step whenever you log in from a new device. You will get a special code on your phone that you use along with your password to complete the login process.

To turn on login approvals, all you have to do is go to “Settings” in the Facebook app on your phone or in your browser. Once you’ve done this, select “Security Settings” and check the box next to “Login Approvals.” If you don’t have login approvals turned on already, you should do it as soon as possible.

3. Use your Facebook login with third-party apps.

Your Facebook login allows you to quickly and safely log into many third-party apps using your Facebook account. Maintaining a login system is hard, and by using your Facebook account, you don’t need to trust your login to every app you sign into. They never get to see your Facebook password. As an added bonus, using Facebook Login means you don’t need to create and remember lots of new passwords.

You can also control what information you share with these apps by clicking “Edit the Info You Provide.” And best of all, you choose whether to let the app post on your behalf.

To sign into an app with Facebook, simply click on the Facebook button on the app’s sign-in page.

Improve your Facebook security today

In addition to the steps above, you can also visit the Facebook Safety Center, which provides additional tools to help control your experience on Facebook, as well as numerous tips and resources for safe and secure sharing. It also gives you access to the Bullying Prevention Hub, a resource for teens, parents and educators seeking guidance on how to prevent and address bullying on the Internet.

Your home comes with locks on the doors. Your car comes with an alarm. Your cell phone comes with a passcode. Yet every day you take additional steps to protect these possessions and the valuable information they hold. Why not do the same for your Facebook account? With just a few simple clicks, you can give your account a tune-up and more safely connect to share on Facebook with the people you care about.

If you think a Facebook campaign could help your business, consult one of our RC Website Group’s Marketing specialist. We would be happy to help you decide what is best for you.

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Web Design

Blogging Philadelphia | To Blog or not to Blog

Sunday, November 6th, 2016

Blogging | Is It Worth Starting A Blog?

Blogging PhiladelphiaThere are a variety of reasons why people or companies choose to begin publishing a blog, and blogging can be purely for communication purposes or with the aim of promoting products or services to the blog’s audience. The blog is an easy format for sharing and publishing pictures and information to the audience that is reading the blog, and it is a format that also encourages interaction. The toughest aspect if you are writing a blog for marketing purposes is finding and engaging an audience so that they return to the blog, and once it has a regular audience this is when a blog can be very effective.

Blogging As An Individual

One of the main reasons that people will start a blog is that they want to share their lives and passions with their friends and families, and many of the biggest blogs developed from these humble beginnings. The key to starting a blog successfully is that it needs to be a subject that you are passionate about, and if others share that passion and want to interact with your opinions, then it is possible to draw an audience for the blog. If you do want to have a community growing around your blog, then using a forum and social media can work with the blog to develop the audience.

Writing Blogs For Commercial Purposes

There are many commercial blogs online that can have content that almost seems to repeat as it is frequently looking at the same products or services offered by the company, so it is a good idea to look creatively at the subject matter when writing a commercial blog. A light and informal tone will help to offer a different perspective on the company to that which is provided in the official website, and making a blog entertaining can certainly help. When it comes to marketing posts on the blog, it is best to include these along with other posts that will provide more entertaining content for visitors, otherwise too much marketing can mean that visitors won’t return to the blog.

Growing Your Online Presence Through A Blog

A blog is a great way to increase the number of ways that people can communicate with you or your company online, and for those who are writing a commercial blog it can be an interesting and informal aspect to the company that won’t be seen on the company’s main website. The blog can also help the performance of the main company website if it is used correctly, both by encouraging readers to continue on to the website through a link, and it can also help with the search engine ranking too.

Getting A Following For The Blog

While spending time and effort writing and designing a blog can seem futile at first, it is important to be patient as developing the audience is often one of the toughest parts of blogging. Entertaining and informative content can both be triggers that will draw visitors back to your blog, and also working hard to promote the blog on sites such as Facebook and Twitter can pay dividends. The best advice of all is not to give up too soon, and even if it seems as though no one is reading your posts, if you work hard and engage with people the audience will come.

If you think a blog could help your business, consult one of our RC Website Group’s Marketing specialist. We would be happy to help you decide what is best for you.

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