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Website MaintenanceOnline security is something that people are often concerned about when they are browsing online, but if your business has a website then it is very important to make sure that it is secure. Malicious software and online attacks will not only target large companies, and suffering this type of attack can have reputational consequences as well as the simple loss of data. It is vital that when setting up a website, you consider your website maintenance & security and how you can protect the website from an online attack.


Securing Your Information And The Information Of Your Customers

Keeping information on your website secure is very important, both in terms of your company’s information and the data input by your customers into the site. You should always make sure that any background processes that store your customer’s data is encrypted, because if this is stolen and it is unencrypted, hackers can then use this information easily. You should also make sure that any software that you use, including any antivirus protection installed on your computer is up to date so that any vulnerabilities in software that have been repaired cannot be exploited by hackers.

Basic Security Measures Every Website Should Have

One of the key features your site should have if you are taking customer information is HTTPS, which is a server security measure, and ensures that your customer are communicating with the server they should be. You should also make sure that any comments or published areas of your website are monitored, as some hackers will try to use these areas to upload pieces of script that can harm other users. Any error messages on your site should also be kept deliberately vague, otherwise what is included here can give hackers ideas on how to bypass your security.

Website Security For Websites Designed Through WordPress

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular solutions when it comes to creating a website, and the ease of using this software belies a core security that is actually very good. However, because the system allows third party plugins to enhance the features of the system, this can also lead to areas that are vulnerable to being hacked. If you are using WordPress or a similar Content Management System (CMS) to create and maintain your website, your website maintenance should always ensure you are only using reputable plugins, and that the software is regularly updated to make sure you are using the latest version.

Maintaining The Security Of Your Website

Developing a website that is secure and continues to work for your company is not just a case of taking precautions when the website is created, and then forgetting about it. You should make sure that you are regularly reviewing the security of your website and also any updates from your CMS, and that you take any action required if a particular area of the software or a particular plugin is highlighted as vulnerable. When a website is hacked, it can sometimes be blacklisted by search engines decimating the amount of traffic you will receive, so regular maintenance is vital to the continuing success of your site.

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