The Facebook Pixel And How To Use It

facebook pixelAs a marketing tool, there is no doubt that Facebook has one of the biggest and most accessible audiences anywhere in the world, where the platform is able to deliver your advertising to targeted groups of people. Because of the information that the social media platform has about the audience, its advertising opportunities are excellent, but historically there has been some controversy about bots and programs that were affecting the clicks and views achieved through the platform. What the Facebook Pixel aims to do is to deliver an effective tracking pixel that provides reliable data to advertisers, and allows them to more effectively target their audiences.


Facebook Pixel Basics

Taking its inspiration from the tracking pixels that have become an important part of monitoring the success of advertising campaigns, the Facebook Pixel expands on this idea, and uses the information of users of your website, to target adverts on Facebook itself more effectively. The Pixel is actually installed in the code of your websites, and can then use the data of visitors to identify a wealth of facts about the people using your site. This can even be used to identify the types of people most likely to click through on to certain sites, or even used to target those most likely to purchase, so is a very valuable tool.

Targeting Your Audience

A key feature of the Facebook Pixel is the information that it can give you about the people who are visiting your website, and this ranges from the products and services that they view through to whether or not they have made purchases. It also tracks their personal profile, so that you can then use this information to create Facebook advertising campaigns that specify a particular audience for your advertising. This gives you a much more targeted approach, and is equivalent to picking out your audience with a sniper rifle, rather than using the shotgun approach which advertises to everybody and hopes that someone might be interested.

Successful Facebook Advertising

There is definitely a value in working with the Facebook interface and starting with smaller campaigns rather than jumping right in, as this will allow you to understand the interface and find out what is most successful before running larger campaigns. It is also worth noting that each pixel will have a limited number of actions that it can track, so make sure you are using it to track the most important user actions that you want to monitor.

Facebook Pixel Reliability

One of the important things to remember with the Facebook Pixel is that it does have to work with the information provided to it by the users, so you will not find that every visitor will always be exactly who you were hoping to target. However, on the whole the Facebook Pixel certainly allows you to be much more efficient in who you are advertising to, and in most cases will lead to a much higher success rate from your advertising campaigns.

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