Reputation Management Marking in Philadelphia by RC Website Group

Reputation Management & Marketing may be a little bit of a mystery to you and to your business.  But RC Website Group can help you understand … here are a few questions.

First Question:
The picture illustrates 3 local businesses virtually identical:

Reputation Management

But, which one would you choose to call?

All else being equal, you know you’d choose Company C for its five star reputation. You’re not alone: 90 percent of consumers reading online reviews claim that positive online reviews influenced their decision to contact a business.

Pretty simple, right?

Here is another question:
Is your company taking advantage of this simple fact?
Reputation Management is the practice of improving your reputation (or 5 star rating) by controlling and simply caring about each of your online reviews. RC Website Group’s Reputation Management Service helps any business take control over their online reputation. We do this by providing our clients the online tools, training and support required to build and maintain their reputation.
Last question:
Is your company a victim of this simple fact?
As a business owner or as one who is in charge of your online marketing, you need to understand that a bad review is something that you MUST prepare for or if you already experienced any such review, you need to know how to mitigate it’s impact on your company’s online reputation. RC Website Group’s strategy in resolving ANY bad review includes a 2 tier approach. First, we are to OVERWHELM any bad review with good reviews. Second, our service/technology informs you if you were to receive a bad review. With this, allowing you and your company an opportunity to turn that bad review around.


Your Turn:
Do you have any questions for RC Website Group or how we can help you with your company’s Reputation Marketing & Management?
Contact us or Get started now by using our FREE Reputation Marketing Report Generator.  RC Website Group provides your company’s Reputation Marketing Report, made specifically for your company. Find out now what reviews are out there about your company!