Using The Physical Web, Bluetooth Proximity Marketing And Proximity Marketing For Your Business

Bluetooth Proximity MarketingAdopting new technology is something that many businesses will be reluctant to do, especially when it means having to invest some of your marketing budget into equipment or new services. However, when it comes to fast growing technologies such as the bluetooth proximity marketing and proximity marketing, investing in the technology or even moving some of your existing marketing budget to these techniques early can have a big impact. Because they are usually interactive marketing approaches, they will often have a much greater impact, and a higher conversion rate when you compare them with the traditional forms of advertising.

The Differences Between Bluetooth Proximity Marketing And Proximity Marketing

The key difference between bluetooth proximity marketing and proximity marketing is that one can actually require potential customers to use an application, while the other can be used with almost any smart phone. Proximity marketing is an approach where those who have downloaded a particular app can be tracked in terms of their location, and the company can then send messages or offers to them. bluetooth proximity marketing on the other hand has small beacons, and when the smart phone has the option switched on, it can be used to visit a website related to the product, advert or service.

How Can These Approaches Benefit Your Business?

One of the biggest reasons that companies large and small are adopting this approach is that the user will choose to interact, and because you know that such users are making that choice, as a business you can be confident they will be open to your approach. The interactivity also gives you an opportunity to give the customer more information that will help to get them to understand how they will benefit from your products or services.

Driving Customer Engagement With These New Marketing Methods

There are several ways to get the customers to engage with these approaches to marketing, and the reality is that there does need to be some exchange of value, although this doesn’t have to be monetary. Vouchers and discounts are however a proven successful way to get potential customers to download an app or go to a particular web link. Alternatively, providing extra useful information, bonus features or content through these methods can also help to get customers to engage with proximity marketing or bluetooth proximity marketing so that you can approach them.

Applying These Marketing Techniques To Your Business

Being imaginative is very important when looking at new technology, and while sending vouchers and discount codes through an app when customers are in your area is one way, this can be applied much more creatively too. For example, a beacon that takes users to a website looking at a particular product on a shelf can show off the smart features of a product, or have a link to a review site so you can see what others are saying about a product. The location tracking of proximity marketing has also been used successfully at airports, where an app can find where you are and offer directions to check-in or the priority lounges for particular airlines too. The opportunities really are there, but how to implement them will depend on the nature of your business.

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