What Is Google Analytics?

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is a website monitoring service that allows you to keep an eye on how one or more of your websites are performing, and to drill down into the website performance to find out more about your visitors. There are a variety of aspects the software provides this information, looking at where the visitors to a website are coming from through to their location and what time of day they were visiting. The importance of this kind of software is that it can highlight both the strengths and the weaknesses of your website and whether there are any areas where you need to focus your attention.

Key Statistics To Monitor

The simplest and first statistic that people will want to check using this software is simply the number of visitors coming to their website, and whether these are unique visitors or those who are returning to the website. The software can also give you a geographic location on where the majority of your audience is from, and can even give you an idea of the browsing software they were using. Google Analytics can also allow you to see how the visitors came to your website, through an advert, social networks or search engine, which can help you to identify where to focus your efforts.

What Can You Learn From Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a very detailed tool that can offer a variety of insights, ranging from simple information on the surface through to the ability to drill down into the information it provides. This can help you to identify if your website is attracting the key demographics you are looking to draw to the site, and also if your social network or advertising efforts are paying off in drawing traffic to your website. It is also very important when it comes to monitoring the success of any SEO work that is carried out on your website and can provide short term and long term information.

Combining Analytics With Adwords

For those who are using Google Adwords in order to draw referrals to their site, it is now possible to identify what those being drawn to the site through Adwords are doing once they are there. As you will be paying for those visitors to come to your website, it is particularly important to make sure that your company is getting value for money from this expenditure.

Applying The Knowledge From Analytics To Your Website

The key to successfully making use of the information you get from Google Analytics is to use it to inform your marketing strategy and to use it to support your website development. You can see which pages on your site aren’t getting as many hits, so making these more visible can be useful while seeing lots of hits coming from a successful social media campaign can help you know what works for future campaigns. If you do struggle with this kind of work, it is also worth asking a professional to have a look at the information about your website so that they can help you focus on getting the most from your online presence.

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