How Can Google Analytics Help Your Website?

Google Analytics HelpOnce you have created your website and have an online presence in place, one of the best things that you can do is to monitor how successful this site becomes, and to drill down into the performance statistics to find out more about your web audience. This is what Google Analytics allows you to do, and it provides a series of features in the software that allows access to information such as where the web users were from and when they visited the site. The key to this information is that it allows you to find out where your site is performing well, and where it isn’t so successful, allowing you to target any areas where work is required.

Monitoring The Most Important Statistics

There are a lot of different statistics that you will be introduced to through Google Analytics, but the first and simplest of these is the number of users actually visiting your site, and if these are repeat visitors or if they are viewing your website for the very first time. Finding the location of your users is also a very useful part of the software, while you can even drill down to see which users were using which browser. Another important aspect to monitor is to see how the visitors were arriving on your site, particularly if you run targeted social media campaigns or use advertising to draw traffic to the site.

How Can You Use The Information Provided By Google Analytics

The detail and the insight that can be provided by the software ranges from simple broad brush statements through to very detailed information about the users visiting your site, so using this information is important. If the website isn’t drawing the audience you are looking for, then you can adjust your strategy accordingly, and you can also see which social network campaigns or adverts have been successful, and then use these insights to do similar projects in the future. If you employ a SEO specialist to boost the performance of your site, then Google Analytics can also give you an insight on how their work pays off in the short, medium and long term after they have worked on your site.

Using Adwords With Google Analytics

Google’s aim is to provide the complete package to companies, and the ability to advertise through Adwords can be a powerful tool, but making sure that these are paying off can be very important. What Google Analytics allows you to do is to drill down into the activities of those who are arriving through Adwords, and then to see what they do once they arrive on your site, which helps you to ensure that Adwords is valuable to your company.

Informing Your Web Development Through Google Analytics

Once you have accessed the information and the insights that are on offer through the software, the next step is to use this to inform any web development work that you carry out. If you have certain pages that aren’t getting the hits you want, the information from Google Analytics can show you the most successful pages, so you can follow a similar model with the other pages on the site. By knowing which advertising or social media work has proved the most valuable in terms of drawing visitors, you can also use this information to make your next campaigns more successful too.

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