Using Black And White Palettes For Striking Website Designs

Striking Website Designs King of Prussia PAWhen it comes to striking website designs and appearance, there are many different ways in which we can achieve a distinctive and bold image, and the contrast between black and white is something that has been present in art and design for centuries. The very simplest websites at the start of the internet boom were often limited to a small number of colors simply because of the processing power and scope at the time. However, we are now seeing a growth in the number of websites that utilize black and white color schemes.


The Benefits Of A Monochrome Design

One of the first things that you will find when you take out the majority of the color palette from the web design is that it will focus the attention on shapes and textures in what is on display. There are some websites that will use this option to introduce retro elements to the design of the site, while others will use patterns and motifs in the background to make an impact.

How Do Users React To Black And White Website Design?

The first thing that having a black and white design will do to the user will be to make them take a longer moment to take in what they are seeing, and to make sure they are picking up all of the details. For websites that make use of icons to help guide people through the site, it can often be easier to navigate when you have the monochrome design. Another interesting aspect that has been used successfully is to have a ‘call to action’ button that does introduce a third color for this small button, which makes it stand out more significantly and drive people towards what you would like the web users to do.

Implementing This Approach Successfully

There are several different ways in which a monochrome design can be used in web design, and there are certain industries where it can be particularly effective. Naturally, websites that are being created for fashion or design companies can be a particularly effective black and white option, and especially websites that are heavy on the use of photographs in their design. This type of website design is especially striking when combined with a simple and effective navigation of the site, providing for a wonderful result that will have a unified and striking look.

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