An Introduction To The Physical Web

The Physical WebThis is one of the most interesting and innovative areas in marketing at the moment, and for the layman, the Physical Web is a technology that allows inanimate objects to have simple interactions with people who have their devices set up to do so. The Physical Web is designed to work without users having to install an application on their smart phone to be able to interact, and uses the existing technology built in to most modern cell phones. The variety of ways in which this approach can be used is significant, and almost anything that you can do with a website can be set up to work with mobile devices when they interact with the Physical Web items.

How The Physical Web Alters Interactions With Adverts And Objects

In order to be able to use the Physical Web and its advantages, people will need to be able to pick up the signals that are transmitted from the small beacons that are at the core of this particular technology. What this beacon will then do is to send the mobile device a web address to visit, and once they have gone to that site, your business can decide what kind of interactive experience to offer your customers.

The Practical Aspects Of How The Technology Works

There are a range of different ways in which this technology can be exploited, and in most cases unless you have a particularly large location you won’t need too many of the beacons to be successful. When using them in a retail location, building a beacon into the shelf in front of products is one way to use it, as having a beacon for each item will usually be excessive. When you then create the website that the beacon sends visitors too, it is important that it is compatible with mobile browsers, and gives a good customer experience.

The Advantages Of Exploiting This Marketing Approach

Probably the main reason that this area of marketing is growing quickly is that with the modern technology, the best examples of physical web marketing are simple and effective for the user. This will help to encourage people to actually activate their cell phones, and as it is a growing technology, more people will be learning more about how it works. The other reason that companies find this type of approach compelling is that it allows people to act upon a prompt, and helps to make the decision to buy a product or to visit a particular venue easy.

How Can You Implement Physical Web Marketing?

In order to use this technology successfully, it is very important that it is executed well, and one of the clever examples of how this has been used is in parking meters, where the beacon takes people to the payment site for a digital payment of their parking fee. Entertainment venues have also seen examples of the physical web being implemented well, with a beacon on a poster for a movie or show linking into the site where they can book tickets and check when a movie is showing. Other ways in which the technology can be used include carrying out digital polls of people in a small area, or even to help people who are waiting for a table at a particular restaurant join a digital queue, so being creative is vital in executing this approach to marketing.

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