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Augmented Reality PhiladelphiaAugmented reality is something of a buzzword in the tech industry over recent years, and it has increasingly been something that many companies are starting to use. It is such a broad area of technology, and offers applications which have practical uses such as navigating using a camera, or giving information about the area around you, while it has also been used in computer games as well. While smart phones are one of the main development areas in augmented reality (AR), there have also been devices such as Google Glass – a pair of glasses with a built in screen, which have tried to take advantage of this type of technology.

Different Types Of Augmented Reality

Essentially augmented reality is using computer images to augment reality, and this can take several forms. Marker based AR has a QR code that will provide a range of images, and can be used to show you how different items will look in a particular space, such as displaying different trim options for vehicles through the camera. Markerless AR is more challenging to achieve, as it superimposes information to many different types of features when the camera is used, and for example could be used to show you the reviews for all the restaurants as you look down a busy street superimposed on the camera image.

What Are The Advantages Of Augmented Reality For The User?

In order for users to engage with AR, this really does need to have a benefit for them, and this can be through providing practical information such as where they can eat, or translating information on a sign. The advantage can also come through the entertainment offered by AR, which has been clearly shown by the success of the Pokemon Go game for mobile phones. This engagement is ultimately what will help users to embrace AR, and what will then offer commercial opportunities for smart phone users.

The Commercial Opportunities Of Augmented Reality

AR can have a variety of benefits for a company, and one of the main opportunities for larger companies such as those providing a travel application, is that it can drive advertising revenue or trigger commission for referrals from the application. Equally, it can also help to display a wide range of options to customers which can reduce the size of physical premises required, such as giving the option of showing twenty different fabrics for a couch in one design, rather than needing a large showroom to display all the options physically.

What Are The Challenges Of Implementing Augmented Reality For Your Company?

This is still a developing technology, so there have been some experiments with AR that have not been as successful as others. Development of this type of technology is also becoming more common, but you will usually need to seek out a company with experience in developing AR applications if you would like to explore what it can do for your company. Cost for marker based AR applications can be quite reasonable, but if you are being more ambitious and thinking of markerless AR applications or innovative uses, bear in mind this can have a cost attached to achieve your aims.

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