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There are several different aspects that are taken into account when it comes to creating a brand new website, but one feature that is often missed is the font types that are used, with most users simply going with the default font on offer. Choosing a font that is widely used can help to make sure that visitors can read the site comfortably, but when it comes to looking unique choosing the default font will make a website blend into the crowd. Taking time to consider the different options in terms of font types can really help to make a big difference to the final result.

Picking Your Font Type

There are several fonts that tend to be the most popular among those creating websites, and the vast majority of websites will either have used Arial, Calibri, or the word processor’s favorite Times New Roman. Another of the most common fonts used online is Helvetica, and all of these are safe choices as they are familiar and do not look out of place whatever the background they are used with. Some web designers will contrast different font types for the titles and headings with those used for the main text of the website, which does help to offer a different look to a website.

Choosing The Font Size

One of the biggest pitfalls for those creating a website is using a text size that is inappropriate to the rest of the website, and whether it is too small or too large, this can make the website a lot more difficult for visitors. A good rule of thumb is not to use font sizes under 12pt, but in reality, most of the professional web designers will go to at least 14pt in terms of the size so that visitors will read the text easily and also be able to scan quickly. An area where there is a greater range of options is in the heading size, and finding an appropriate size can often depend on the rest of the website design.

Using Color In Your Font Types

When it comes to the website standard designs, there is no doubt that a majority of websites will use a black text against a background that is either white or another light color, mainly because this provides the best contrast for reading. Trying to step too far away from the norm in terms of colors can backfire, as some color combinations of text and background can make the text appear muddy or difficult to read. If you are looking to create a site that stands out, reversing the color trend and going with a light color for the text and a darker background can be an innovative step.

Paragraph Formatting

The most successful spacing for website use is a spacing of 1.5 lines between each line of text, as this helps to make sure the text is not all on top of each other, and also makes it easier to read. Another good tip for those who are working with segments of text is to try and avoid putting too much text together, or alternating fonts so that there is a distinction between different sections. Pictures can be used to break up sections of text while using headings to break up paragraphs can also make a website easier to read.

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