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Chapter 6 / Section 1 – Do Font Types Matter?
When it comes to designing a great website, it is often easy to overlook the impact that using font types can have on the finished website, and the majority of people will go for a simple font that looks much the same as every other website. This naturally gives the reader of the website an element of familiarity, but on the other hand, it can also mean that the site doesn’t stand out from the competition. Choosing the right font type can really make a huge difference to your website, so it is certainly worth considering before you publish your site.

Choosing The Right Font
Common fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, and Calibri are usually among the favorite fonts that are used when creating a new website, and these are usually widely used by the programs that create websites from templates. Another massively popular font for websites is Helvetica because it is very easy to use and looks good against a wide range of different backgrounds. It is also worth considering using a different font for your titles, as this will help it to stand out from the body of the text, and it can also be interesting to play with alternative fonts for titles and headings.

Text Size
There is nothing worse than wasting an interesting website design by using the inappropriate text size in the body of the content, and small text can be particularly difficult to read for visitors to your website. Most designers will use a font size that is at least 12pt, with the majority of websites using a text size that is at least 14pt in order to make it easy to read and also easy for visitors to the site to scan quickly. When it comes to choosing the size of the headings, this is entirely down to you and what you think is appropriate depending on the design of your website.

How Color Affects Your Content
The vast majority of websites will find that the copy will be in black text on a white or light-colored background, and the reason for this is that most people will find it easy to read with this kind of contrast. It is important to avoid color combinations that can make a text appear muddied or unclear and using a combination of black, blue, and brown can make it very difficult to read the text. If you do want to use a dark background, then it may be worth considering using a lighter color for the text itself.

Spacing And Formatting
Having the lines too close together is another problem that can make a website a little more difficult to read, so most website designers will look to use a line spacing that is at least 1.5, which makes it easy to distinguish between the different lines of text. When it comes to formatting your text on the page, try to avoid using large chunks of text together, as even with the best font this can be more difficult to read than text that is interspersed with pictures or subheadings.

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