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Chapter 16 / Section 3 – Is It Worth Paying A Web Designer To Create Your Website?
One of the challenges for any company trying to make an impact in the fluid and frequently changing online world is to stand out from the thousands of websites that are launched every day. The way that web designers work also changes regularly to match the demands of working with the latest technology online, and in many cases, this has become more complex and detailed as the internet has progressed. Greater internet speeds have seen an increasing number of technical advances, graphical animations, and videos being used, and the modern web designer will be able to work with all of these features when creating the website.

The Motivation To Set Up A Website
There is a great variety of different reasons that people will have for wanting to set up a website, and a sole trader wanting to promote their service will have very different needs from a company selling hundreds of products. While many companies will consider keeping their web design in-house, the larger the ambition for what the website should achieve, the more likely it will be necessary to employ a professional web design firm. Much smaller and simpler websites that only require one or two pages can benefit from the input of a web designer, but in many cases, they can also be created using a website design tool that has a range of templates to offer.

Reasons To Employ A Web Designer
While many people think that web designers will purely work on the design of the site, a part of their role is to learn more about the ethos and style of your company so that the website they create can match those aspects. The designer will also look to understand the audience you are looking to engage with your website and find out the design features that appeal to this particular segment of the online audience. A professional web designer will often give a website a more polished appearance, and this will certainly help visitors to the site to be confident that they are dealing with a reputable company.

What To Pay For A Web Design Service
Some web designers may be able to offer a quote for their services before really discussing your needs, but the majority of web design companies will need to understand more about what you are looking for and the details required before offering a quote. Companies that will be competing with other websites that have been designed by professionals will really want to consider the designer they use for their own website, as it can be easy to fall behind the competition and then very difficult to catch up again.

Making Your Own Website
The alternative to hiring a professional to create your website is to use one of the website creation tools that are widely available and are usually bundled with hosting packages for a website. These tools will usually offer a selection of templates and can be a reasonable option for some businesses, but the challenge is that it can be very difficult to make a website like this stand out from the thousands of other sites created using templates. If you are genuinely looking for long-term commercial results from your website, then this may not be the best option for your company.

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Rob is the founder of RC Website Group. He writes on a variety of topics but keeps a focus on the business development opportunities and long term relationships RC Website Group has nurtured over the years.


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