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Chapter 10 / Section 3 – Are Simple Websites Best For Business Purposes?
Setting up a website for the first time is a task that many people will find challenging, and finding a balance of how much information to include on the website is a particularly difficult task. The key is that there needs to be enough content to capture the user’s attention and to engage them with the company while avoiding an information overload that can easily turn off the average web user. The best way to consider this is to think of the target demographic of the people you want to use the website, and then to look at the type of website they are most likely to respond to.

What Content To Include On Your Website
A simple website doesn’t necessarily have to be one that is short on content, but neither does including all of the content that your company has available guarantee a successful website. Larger businesses will naturally have a wider range of products or services that they offer, so this can necessitate a slightly more complex website, but if it is presented well then it can still be simple and straightforward for the user. Because of the density of information, those websites that do include more information than the standard website should pay particular attention to the navigation system, to make sure users of the site can find the information they need quickly and easily.

An User-Friendly Navigation System
The best way to make a website simple is to ensure that you have an easy to use the method of navigating around the site, and this is a vital part of any website’s design. The simplest websites with just a few pages will find that using a standard navigation bar that is located horizontally along the top of the site, or vertically on the left-hand side of the site will usually be sufficient. More complicated websites with a larger network of pages may need a more intuitive navigation system, and this is where employing a professional web designer can really prove to be an excellent choice.

Presenting The Information On The Website
A straightforward and simple website is something that most people will be able to create, and if there is only a limited amount of information to include then this can easily be presented over two or three pages. The best-designed websites, however, are those that take lots of information and make it easily accessible. A search function is a great way of making sure the content is accessible, and this is usually located in the top right-hand side of the page or on the navigation bar.

The Aim Of The Site
The choice between a simple and a complex website for a business can depend on what the company is hoping to achieve, as a simple listing for a plumber or electrician can be very different from a construction equipment website. Balancing the amount of information that is presented to the user is a challenge for more complex websites, and is where the web designer will earn their fee by giving the users just the right amount of information in an easy to digest format.

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