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Chapter 18 / Section 3 – Implementing Material Design In Website Creation
Introducing a design philosophy is something that most companies would do without making news worldwide, but when the company behind the philosophy is the IT giant Google, then it is fair to say that they do achieve a few headlines. What they are trying to achieve with Material Design is a simple way of giving web users a good browsing experience whether they are using a cheap Android phone or a top specification desktop computer. The philosophy is also hoping to introduce a more natural environment online which uses different textures and shadows to make websites appear more real to users.

A Brief Summary Of Material Design
The overall aim of Google is to try and develop an online identity that will be applied throughout their products, and while it will appear on their websites and operating systems it is also going to be useful to other web designers too. The spine of the design philosophy is a grid that will be used to amend the way the website is displayed depending on the type of device and the browsing software web users are using to access the website. Bright and bold, the design samples that have been offered by Google have been simple and attractive, with the website’s content contained on separate cards, which are then displayed differently for different browsers.

The Big Changes For Web Developers
Although Google can sometimes be guilty of launching products that aren’t always successful, Material Design is one that many web companies will have to pay attention to. This is because that there are a growing number of devices with different screens of varying resolution and shape which can be used to access online content, including the Google Glass eyeglasses and the smart watches. What the ‘card’ system of displaying information does is to reduce work for developers in the long run, as different devices will respond to the website in a different way, rather than putting the onus on the developer to create a different website for each device.

Getting Ready To Use Material Design
Following the launch of the Material Design philosophy and the ideas that support this project, Google has also released a suite of software tools which are available for web developers to start developing sites in this mold. For those who hadn’t planned on refreshing their website for a few years, it may be worth looking at how many visitors your website receives and if the work required to redesign the site justifies the cost. As Material Design is going to be part of the Android operating system, then those companies that deal with mobile users particularly will find that this may play an increasing role in their website creation process.

Material Design And Its Style Traits
An interesting approach that Google have taken with Material Design is to buck the fashion for websites with a flat design and to introduce a card system which is designed to react as though these were real cards. When users interact with the cards they are designed to respond naturally, from bending and moving when touched through to casting shadows on the material beneath. The overall aim is to give users a pleasant and intuitive experience.

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