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Chapter 12 / Section 3 – Using WordPress To Create Your Website
Many businesses who are considering whether or not to set up their own website will usually research this online, and many will have found themselves looking at an article discussing the WordPress software. There is no doubt that it is a very good way to set up a website as over two million of the ten million largest websites in the world have been built using this software. With just over a decade since the software was first released online, it has become one of the most popular ways to create a website both for novices and web experts.

A Brief Summary Of WordPress
The key factor that has been such an important part of the development of WordPress is that it puts a lot of the programming language and tools used to create websites behind a very user friendly tool. Those who have used desktop publishing software in the past will like the drag and drop method used by WordPress, and while it is simple to begin using, it also has a great depth that allows for a huge variety of customization options. They have also developed a range of applications along with third party providers which means that incorporating social media content and an online shop into the site is also very easy.

The Website Creation Process
The first choice is whether or not to host the website through a third party host and using your own web domain or whether to host your website through WordPress.com. Companies looking for flexibility and greater options to expand in the future will find that using their own web domain will ultimately be more successful than being hosted by another company. Once you have decided on the right hosting option, WordPress then offers you a range of different templates that can be chosen from, with the additional option of paid templates, and then there is a wide range of customization options to add the content and the different pages to the site.

Why WordPress Over Other Website Creation Tools?
An important reason that so many people have chosen to use WordPress to create their websites is that in most cases it will remove the need for a knowledge of website programming, with an intuitive and clever interface that is a joy to use. While the user experience is very good, the simple interface doesn’t mean that the finished article has to be a simple website, with plenty of options available that means that even some web designers choose to use this software to create their websites.

Issues That Can Arise Using WordPress
Although the WordPress system has a simplified interface to suit those not familiar with website programming, behind this interface there is still the coding language present meaning that some adjustments may need a knowledge or programming to complete successfully. This can mean that some users may get partially along the route of creating their site, but find that they don’t have the skills to make the changes they want to. The system of applications can also complicate things, as the range of third party developers can provide a huge range of options for tools that effectively do the same thing.

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