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Chapter 16 / Section 2 – Should You Pay A Professional To Make A Website For You?
The online world is a busy and ever changing one, and there are thousands of new websites that are being created by individuals and companies on a daily basis, and these can be created in many different ways. The role of web designers in creating these websites has changed regularly over recent decades, and as technology has moved forward so has the complexity and the programming involved in creating websites. With faster internet speeds, more animations and videos can be included, while there are also plenty of people and companies who stick with creating simple and efficient websites, so deciding to hire a professional can depend on your situation.

The Purpose Of The Website
If you are hoping that the website will become a great commercial success with thousands of visitors and lots of different pages, this can be a very different type of website to that produced by a fitness instructor who just want a list of their classes and fees online. The larger the website that you are looking to create, the more likely you are to consider hiring a web designer or a web design company to create the website on your behalf. At the other end of the scale, a really simple and effective one or two page website can easily be created using one of the website creation services that provides easy templates to use.
Why Hire A Professional Web Designer?
A key part of the experience of hiring a web designer is that they will usually look to learn more about your company, its products and its philosophy before starting the process of creating a website to match those features. Research and planning will play an important role in the website creation, and choosing particular features and design flourishes to appeal to the target demographic is also a common tool. Companies and individuals purchasing goods and services online will want to feel confident in the business they are dealing with, so a professionally designed website can deliver that confidence for those dealing with your business.

The Price Of Good Web Design?
In order to provide an accurate quote for the website that is going to be created, most web design companies will need to ask a few questions to understand what you really want, so the overall cost for the site can vary depending on many factors. If you are working in a competitive online environment, then hiring a web designer with plenty of experience in generating successful websites is a smart move.

Website Creation Packages
There are a wide range of different companies offering a package of web design software, hosting and web domains for one price, and these can often be used to create simple and attractive sites that are functional and easy to use for web visitors. The difficulty if you do choose to use one of these products instead of a web designer is that the website may look too similar to many other websites created using the same method. Economizing on set up costs may seem like a good short term move, but it can cause issues if the company is to create a successful online presence for the future.

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Rob is the founder of RC Website Group. He writes on a variety of topics but keeps a focus on the business development opportunities and long term relationships RC Website Group has nurtured over the years.


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