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Chapter 22 / Section 3 – Planning And Setting A Budget For The Launch Of A New Website
In the current competitive economic climate, one of the most important marketing tools for almost any business is an effective website, and this is still an important step for any company when they publish their first site. The objectives of what the company wants to achieve from the website will vary depending on their individual circumstances, but if there are problems with the website on launch day, this can pile up work for later. Avoiding the common pitfalls is a tough challenge, but if everything is done correctly then it can bode very well for the prospects of the new website.

Preparing An Audience For Your Site
There are many companies that publish the website first and then look to develop the audience, but for those who really want to get the ball rolling, it is possible to start creating an audience even before the site is launched. Once you have booked the web address for the site, it is possible to place a holding page letting users know it is coming soon, while having a social networking profile to update people on progress is also a good idea. If you already write a blog, then this can also be an effective tool, as you can start to make potential customers aware that the new website will shortly be launched.

Developing The Core Of The Site
While hyping up your website to the potential audience is a good first step, you will then want to make sure that the site will be able to deliver on your promises and really engage the audience. There are plenty of online website creation tools that can be used, but as these work from a template format, most companies will find that the end result can be quite generic. Giving a professional website designer an exciting brief from which to work will often end up with a more impressive end result, with a website that will keep users returning to the site time and again.

Developing The Awareness Of Your Site
Momentum is such an important part of a successful launch that it is worth considering planning events even before you actually publish the website itself. For example, if you are launching an online shop then having an opening event with discounted prices will often bring customers through the virtual doors for the first time, and will give them a good impression of the website. For those who are developing a website that will appeal to people of a certain city or region, then hosting a launch event in the city or giving away free samples or gifts can also help to make local people aware of the site.

Planning The Budget
Although it can be a natural desire to try and create a website for the cheapest possible price, it is worth considering the kind of impression that potential visitors will get from a template-based website. A good idea to get a realistic budget is to write a list of the key features of the website you wish to create, and then to ask a few local designers to provide you with a quote. When it comes to choosing the successful bid, ensure that you look at the track record of the company you are dealing with as well as the service they offer, to make sure they can deliver the successful site for your business.

Robert Camargo - Founder of RC Website Group

Written by Robert

Rob is the founder of RC Website Group. He writes on a variety of topics but keeps a focus on the business development opportunities and long term relationships RC Website Group has nurtured over the years.


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