IT Consultancy & Other Specialized Services

Outsourcing readiness consulting and enterprise process optimization consulting to identify which processes are best outsourced and which are best kept in-house.

RC Website Group consulting services include the following:

  • Business process re-engineering aimed at improving processing efficiencies and reducing costs for new business, policy owner services, finance, administration and claims
  • Insurance scoring to increase conversion rates and reduce claims rates
  • Re-underwriting to analyze claims and underwriting data to improve underwriting rules & guidelines
  • Analysis of historical data to improve customer acquisition rates and customer profiling
  • Systems/platform integration and implementation, vendor selection and process consulting
  • Business analysis/project management for custom software development

RC Website Group offers a variety of other specialized services including:

  • Animated web advertisements /┬áCommercial Scripting / Voice – Overs / Background Music
  • White board animation / 2D – 3D / Flash / Explainer Videos
  • Youtube video production
  • Website & Social Media Photography / Photo Shoot / Product Photography
  • Native APP programming for Smart Phones /┬áMobile Apps Development
  • Customized Software development/programming
  • Backoffice support (Database Administration, Website Maintenance, & other IT and NON IT positions)
  • Remote Access IT Diagnostics/Support available


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