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Chapter 26 / Section 2 – An Introduction To SEO

An important part of a successful website’s performance is being able to draw visitors to the site, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most popular ways to attract traffic to a particular website. What SEO does is to tweak and adjust content on your site to make sure that it is as attractive as possible to the robots and search engine crawler programs that generate the search engine rankings. As these programs can be quite complex, SEO has grown into a field that has many different ways of achieving results to boost the success of a particular website.

Techniques Used By SEO Specialists

The programs that create search engine rankings are frequently being changed and honed by the search engine companies, and they are constantly looking for ways to deliver the most organic results for their users. However, SEO looks to achieve results by working to meet the criteria of these programs, and using meta tags and having a good proportion of a particular keyword in the content is one approach, although it is important not to over-use keywords. Backlinks are another common feature that can be used to support search engine rankings, as these can help to make the site appear connected on the web.

How SEO Techniques Have Evolved

SEO is a field that is regularly changing because of the fluid nature of the programs and robots that are used by search engines, and these are always actively looking to reduce any loopholes or room for abuse in their searches. It is not uncommon to see the top results for particular searches shifting slightly as the search engine programs are tweaked, and even a drop of one or two places can be catastrophic for some businesses. Staying on top of SEO and regularly ensuring it is up to date can help to avoid such issues.

Why Employ A SEO Expert?

Large corporations and companies will frequently have SEO experts as permanent members of their IT staff, while smaller companies will usually need to outsource such work in order to ensure their website remains as visible as possible online. Whether you are competing against other small companies or operators in your area, or looking to grab a share of a worldwide market, regular SEO monitoring can help to ensure you keep your commercial edge online.

Should You Use An Organic SEO Approach?

The techniques of SEO are broadly divided into white hat strategies, which work with the search engine programs, and black hat strategies, which are usually designed to deliver quick results by playing on a weakness in the search engine programs. The difficulty with using black hat strategies is that although they may deliver short term results, as the search engines are constantly tweaking their programs, it can lead to greater fluctuation in your website’s performance. The more organic techniques of working with the search engine’s criteria is usually considered to be the best way to deliver long term success through SEO.

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